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    Advancing Your Fluid Process Knowledge

    Take on the most challenging issues facing your business with guidance from our industry experts. Learn about new trends and technology that will help you reduce cost while increasing productivity.

    Wednesday, April 25th, 2018 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

    5 Wisconsin DNR education credits and Professional Development Credits available.

    Session A

    Leveraging IoT Data To Improve Asset Performance
    Presented by Goulds
    Learn how Smart sensor technology, asset data management, remote monitoring and simple analytics can provide better visibility into your equipment health and improve performance, reliability and safety.
    Pump Selection for Wastewater Applications
    Presented by Crane Engineering
    Learn about the different types of pumps applied in multiple wastewater applications, including: chopper pumps, self-priming, submersible. Also includes discussion on materials of construction, additional impeller types.
    Navigating Twin Screw Pumps, Their Applications, and Solving Difficult Pumping Duties
    Presented by Fristam
    The twin screw pump trend is heating up. Learn how twin screw pumps operate and why more process engineers are opting for twin screw pumps in difficult sanitary applications.

    Session B

    10 Ways To Kill A Positive Displacement Pump
    Presented by Viking Pump
    Operation abuse and incorrect application are the leading causes of premature rotary pump failure. This session covers the top 10 causes of premature pump failure, how to identify them, and prevent them.
    Understanding Digital Dosing Metering Pumps
    Presented by Grundfos
    This session includes an in-depth look at the operational advantages of digital dosing metering pumps. Learn the differences between stepper motor driven pumps, and the traditional solenoid or asynchronous motors – and how these differences are best applied in all system and application types.
    Key Steps To Selecting The Perfect Valve
    Presented by Crane Engineering
    What do you need to know to find the right valve? In this session we'll discuss four critical steps in valve selection: valve style, applications, materials of construction, and methods of actuation.

    Session C

    Basic Hydraulics Theory for Pumping Systems
    Presented By Gorman Rupp
    Learn fluid system fundamentals and parameters (flow, TDH, NPSH). Understand basic troubleshooting and identify pump performance problems.
    Achieving Process Goals with Optimized Mixer Design
    Presented by Cleveland Mixer
    Learn how one company used the principles of application engineering to optimize mixer design and improve mixer performance with lower ownership costs.

    Session D

    Couplings 101
    Presented by John Crane
    It may be one of the most overlooked parts when selecting a pump, but it's certainly not the least important. Learn coupling basics, the dangers of misalignment, and how to select couplings for increased safety and reliability.
    Energy Savings Through Valve Selection
    Presented by Val-Matic
    The wrong valve can have a significant impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of a system. This presentation discusses various valve types, their characteristics, their flow coefficients, and how these factors impact energy costs.
    Pay Now, or Pay More Later: How Precision Rebuilds Affect Long Term Machine Reliability
    Presented by Crane Engineering
    Learn the difference between precision maintenance and functional repairs and how knowing the difference affects machine health and reliability.

    Session E

    2:00pm-2:45 pm
    Selecting the Proper Hygienic and Aseptic Valve For Sanitary Applications
    Presented by Crane Engineering
    In sanitary applications, selecting the right sanitary valve is critical. Attend this session to understand the pitfalls and learn how proper valve selection can ensure proper cleaning and reduce unnecessary expense.
    Everything You Need To Know About Multistage Pumps
    Presented by Xylem
    Learn the basic operating principles of multistage pumps, their pros and cons, and when to select vertical or horizontal configurations.