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Pump Rebuilds & Repair, Valve Repair and Preventive Maintenance

Service and repair done right.


What Does “Service” Mean to Us?
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Unplanned maintenance consumes 60% of maintenance budgets. Partner with Crane Engineering to significantly reduce unplanned repairs and put the savings into projects that further your reliability goals.

Crane Engineering offers a broad range of services to help you get started with new equipment, maintain existing, or repair equipment right on-site.

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100% Turnkey Service to Water and
Wastewater Treatment Facilities

No need to coordinate multiple vendors to repair or rehabilitate assets. Crane Engineering provides turnkey service on water/wastewater treatment process equipment throughout the Midwest.

Save thousands over the cost of replacement with our extensive rehabilitation service. We’ve rehabilitated:

All with a 1-year warranty on repairs.

Before/After Rehabilitation

Clarifier Rehabilitation

Has age, chemicals, and exposure to the elements taken its toll on your clarifier? A clarifier rehabilitation helps you keep the repair bill from turning into a replacement bill.

Lift Station Rehabilitation

Lift stations with chronic plugging and excessive maintenance are oftentimes due for a rehab. Improve reliability and employee safety with our turnkey lift station rehabilitation.

Screw Pump Rehabilitation

Age, chemicals, and exposure to the elements wear down screw pumps. Take advantage of our screw pump rehabilitation service. Others have extended the life of their screw pumps 20+ years. Let us help you do the same.

Vertical Turbine Pump Rehabilitation

Vertical turbine pumps require very little maintenance, but over time, they begin to wear and lose efficiency. Renew your vertical turbine for a fraction of the replacement cost with our rehabilitation service.