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Proven Examples of Sanitary Success

More than just talk, we have documented examples of improvements we've helped to make with dairy processors. Cracked concrete and dairy tiles are breeding grounds for bacteria. Count on Crane Engineering to provide a high performance, food grade floor coating to protect from bacteria growth, and increase safety in your facility.

Read our success stories and see how we've helped improve equipment reliability, improve efficiency, and lower operating costs.

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Support From People Who've Been There

Our Account Managers are Professional Engineers understand your challenges and offer the technical knowledge and support to solve them.


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Water Booster Capacity vs. Demand Calculator

Many of today's water booster systems are challenged to meet today's requirements, delivering far less pressure than needed to effectively clean production areas.

Lower pressure means:

  • Less effective cleaning
  • Higher water use to get the effective cleaning
  • More strain on equipment due to additional demand
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