Flex Support Program
Does your team have the time/skills needed to maximize machine reliability?

With Crane's Flex Support Program, YOU CHOOSE how much support is needed to relieve pressure on your team and catch up on work orders.

Make your job easier:

  • No need to add/train more personnel
  • Technicians that work well with yours
  • Stay on top of repairs and maintenance with regular updates

Quality work done by industry experts:

  • Specialists in fluid process
  • OEM authorized repair shop
  • 1 year warranty on OEM quality repairs
Repair Package
Behind on repairs? Use our technicians to catch up. We fill in time and expertise gaps for OEM quality rebuilds. 

Reliability Package

For those focused on driving down unplanned maintenance.

Flex Tech

Need extra help on a variety of fluid process equipment work orders? Book one of our Service Pros for any variety of tasks.

Outage Package

When there's a scheduled outage, it's all hands on deck. Sometimes, there just aren't enough hands. Bring on an extra tech (or two or three) to help out.

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