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Vogelsang RotaCut
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Vogelsang RotaCut


If fibers and entanglements in wastewater and sludge are causing problems, the RotaCut is the solution. With its contact-based cutting principle, the cutter even reliably shreds hair and the finest fibers of (Q-Tips). Foreign matter contained in wastewater or sludge is also reliably separated in the RotaCut's integrated heavy material separator (stone catcher). In this way, the cutter protects pumps and other components in the sewage treatment plant and sewers from damage caused by foreign matter while also preventing clogging.

At the same time, the sludge is homogenized, which significantly reduces the costs and effort needed for sludge thickening and sludge dewatering. Thanks to the disintegration of the sludge performed by the RotaCut, the decanter and separators run more evenly, free of disruption, to deliver superior dewatering performance. Integrated into the supply line of the digestion tower, the cutter finely shreds hair and fibers. The RotaCut, therefore, prevents the formation of entanglements and floating layers, while also preventing disruptions during circulation or sludge removal.

Specially adapted designs and sizes are available to make integration into existing sewage treatment plants as straightforward as possible. Comprehensive features and options enable individual adjustment to the on-site situation at the respective sewage treatment plant. Thanks to the RotaCut's user-friendly service concept, maintenance, and parts replacement can be performed quickly on-site. Simply pivot out the cutter head for optimal access; wear parts can then be easily replaced by sewage treatment plant staff or by a service partner.


  • Reliably macerates fibers and foreign matter in liquid media
  • Protects downstream system components from damage caused by foreign matter
  • Prevents blockages and clogging of pumps, fittings and pipe systems
  • Reduces the viscosity and homogenizes liquids and suspensions
  • Prevents floating layers


Vogelsang is a leading manufacturer of solids handling pumps, grinders, separators, and other solids-handling technology.


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