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Vertical Turbine Pump Repair

Restore vertical turbine pumps to like-new condition with our vertical turbine repairs.





Precision vertical turbine repairs held to OEM standards

When your vertical turbine pump is returned to you, trust that it was restored to OEM standards. We'll return your pump to like-new condition with upgrades that improve performance to even better than the day it was first installed.

Here's what you can expect from one of our precision repairs.

  • Full process review and suggestions for appropriate upgrades
  • Mechanical seals, bearing and shaft replacements
  • Pump bowl refurbishment or replacement (rebowling)
vertical turbine pump repair

Rebowling Services

When vertical turbine pump bowls or impellers are damaged beyond repair, the pump vibrates and loses performance. Consider an economical rebowling to get more life from old vertical turbine pumps. 

Rebowling is needed when:

  • Bowls or impellers are damaged or corroded beyond repair
  • Pump is cavitating or vibrating
  • Bowls and impellers are corroded 
  • Castings require material upgrading
  • Altered system means pump no longer meets hydraulic requirements
  • Excessive maintenance


Our rebowling services are available for vertical turbine pumps of any manufacture. This service provides benefits to users:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Increased efficiency
  • 1-year warranty
  • Material upgrades
vertical turbine pump
vertical turbine impeller


Our Manufacturers Rely On Us as an Authorized Distributor and Service Center. You Should Too

As an OEM-certified repair facility, Crane Engineering has a proven history of meeting and exceeding the most stringent requirements and standards set forth by manufacturers for pump rebuilds and repair.

  • Use only genuine OEM parts in repairs
  • Factory trained technicians restore performance and extend time between failures
  • Improve longevity and durability by setting all clearances and tolerances to the manufacturer's recommended guidelines

CASE STUDY: Vertical Turbine Pumps for Cooling Towers Require Refurbishment

When the maintenance manager at an ethanol plant noticed reduced flow and increased vibration from a bank of 4 vertical turbines feeding the cooling towers, he knew it was time to consider a rebuild. 

A look inside the tank revealed that after years of service, the pumps were corroded and rusted. Certainly in need of repair. 

Because preventive maintenance is a cornerstone of this ethanol plant's maintenance plan, they decided to have the pump refurbished as soon as possible. 

The Crane Engineering Service Team took each pump, one at a time, to the Kimberly Service Center. Inspections revealed severe corrosion, pitting due to cavitation, missing suction strainers, and shaft and bearing wear. 

Crane's Service Pros were able to re-use much of the existing components, like the discharge head and columns, and supplemented the remainder of the precision rebuild with new components and paint. The pumps were furnished with upgraded components, like bearings, to take advantage of technology advancements since the pumps' installation in 2008. 

Noticeable loss of performance from your vertical turbines? Ask us about it. We restore and refurbish vertical turbines to like-new condition.


Vertical Turbine Pump Rebuild

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