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Patterson Vertical Turbine Pump (PVT)
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Patterson Vertical Turbine Pump (PVT)


The Patterson Vertical Turbine (PVT) pump delivers top hydraulic efficiency, low vibration, and quiet operation as it moves water from deep wells and reservoirs. Vertical design allows flexible staging to meet pressure requirements in minimal floor space. Engineered for versatility, the PVT adapts to industrial, municipal, and power applications including fire pumps, in addition to being well suited for operation in low NPSHA (Net Positive Suction Head Available) applications. Robust construction and customizable metallurgies provide durability across pumping demands.  


  • High hydraulic efficiency reduces energy costs
  • Vertical orientation saves floor space.  
  • Low vibration and noise for smooth, reliable pumping.
  • Flexible staging satisfies various pressure needs.
  • Adaptable to many industrial and municipal uses.   
  • Durable construction for longevity in tough environments
  • Customizable metallurgy including stainless steel.


  • Underground water supply and distribution.
  • Water treatment. 
  • Flood control.
  • Fire suppression.
  • HVAC and mechanical systems.
  • Liquid transfer.
  • Irrigation.


  •  Cast iron discharge heads from 6″ to 14″.
  • Total heads to 589 ft (180 m).
  • Flows from 500 to 5000 GPM (1,892 lpm to 18,925 lpm).
  • Pressures exceeding 350 psi (24 bar).
  • Standard construction includes cast iron discharge head, flanged steel columns, alloy shafting, and cast-iron bronze fitted bowls.


For over a century, Patterson has been the company to deal with for reliability in worldwide pumping installations — whether satisfying urban water and waste demands, harnessing and controlling ravaging floods, reclaiming arid deserts, taming rampaging and devastating fires, or protecting the planet's ecological balance.


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