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John Crane Safeunit™
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John Crane Safeunit™


John Crane Safeunit is an advanced seal water control and monitoring solution from John Crane engineered to optimize seal life and reduce equipment downtime. The compact system precisely regulates seal water flow and pressure to create an ideal operating environment for seals in industrial pumps, mixers, and other rotating equipment. With continuous data monitoring, Safeunit can detect potential seal failures before they occur and determine maximum water usage to minimize costs.  

Featuring an intuitive touchscreen interface, Safeunit allows for easy control, visualization, and adjustment of seal water conditions in real time. The rugged, heavy-duty system is suitable for operation even in harsh, hazardous environments and can be serviced without interrupting production. By optimizing seal water quality and minimizing consumption, Safeunit can extend seal life by up to 50% while significantly reducing maintenance costs. Safeunit delivers maximum uptime and cost savings for facilities relying on seals to contain difficult media under high pressures.  


  • Precisely controls and monitors seal water flow and pressure in real time.   
  • Detects potential seal and packing failures in advance through data analysis.   
  • Optimizes water usage to minimize costs while maximizing seal life.   
  • Can be serviced without interrupting equipment operation for maximum uptime.   
  • Rugged, durable construction suitable for harsh industrial environments.


  • Industrial process pumps, mixers, and other rotating equipment.   
  • Arduous applications with abrasive or corrosive media.  
  • Equipment processing slurries, pulp, chemicals, and other challenging media.   


  • Flow rate: Up to 3 liters/0.75 gallons per minute.
  • Pressure rating: Up to 25 bar/360 psi.  
  • Temperature rating: Up to 79°C/175°F.   
  • Potential water savings of up to 50% compared to conventional seal water systems.
  • Integrated data logging and alarm options available for 24/7 performance monitoring.


Crane Engineering recommends John Crane seals for many sealing applications throughout your facility. We've seen them be put to the test in harsh environments and difficult to seal applications, and succed. Their lines of single cartridge seals offer fast and easy installation for maintenance teams with little time for seal maintenance.


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