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Goulds Centrifugal 3196 i-FRAME Process Pump
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Goulds Centrifugal 3196 i-FRAME Process Pump


The Goulds Model 3196 is an ANSI standard dimension, back pull-out centrifugal process pump designed for exceptional reliability across a range of industrial applications. Over 50 years of field-proven performance have made the 3196 the go-to choice for critical services in chemicals, petrochemicals, oil and gas, water, metals and mining, paper and pulp, food and beverage, and general industry.

These pumps now feature Goulds intelligent i-FRAME monitoring capability for proactive maintenance and lower life cycle costs. Over 160 years of design experience focused on customer needs ensures peak performance, extended life, low total cost of ownership, and optimization for specific process requirements. 


  • Fully open impeller suitable for corrosives, abrasives, and stringy fibers, features back pump-out vanes that protect shaft seal and bearings.
  • BigBore™ and TaperBore™ PLUS seal chambers provide better face lubrication, cooler seal temperatures, and extended seal life.
  • i-FRAME® Power Ends increase pump life, extend mean time between failure (MTBF), and lower life cycle costs (LCC).
  • iALERT®2 equipment health monitor provides early warning of improper operation.
  • Baseplate mounting systems adapt to facility requirements and streamline installation and maintenance.
  • High- and low-temperature options available.
  • Back pull-out design and external impeller adjustment streamline maintenance.


  • Chemical and petrochemical processing.
  • Pulp and paper.
  • Primary metals.
  • Food and beverage.


  • Capacities to 7000 GPM (1590 m3/h).
  • Heads to 730 ft (223 m).  
  • Temperatures to 700°F (371°C).
  • Pressures to 375 PSIG (26 bar).


ITT Goulds Pumps is among the most widely recognized and respected brands in the global pump industry, serving customers in the oil and gas, mining, power generation, chemical, pulp and paper, and general industrial markets. As the only manufacturer to make digital monitoring standard on every process pump, ITT Goulds Pumps continues to lead the industry in both mechanical pump design and the adoption of smart technologies.


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