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Deming Centrifugal End-Suction Pump - 3060 Series
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Deming Centrifugal End-Suction Pump - 3060 Series


The Deming 3060 Series is an all-purpose, heavy duty centrifugal pump line designed for reliable handling of clear liquids and slurries. Offered in 14 sizes with flows to 1,000 GPM and heads to 650 feet, these ANSI dimension pumps are outfitted for tough industrial applications for processing, chemical, petrochemical, pulp & paper, power, and waste treatment facilities.

With a rugged back pull-out construction, open impeller, and smooth contoured flow passages, the 3060 Series pumps deliver versatile liquid handling capacity. Standard features like oil lubricated bearings, lip seals, and external impeller adjustment ensure convenient serviceability and maintenance.


  • Back pull-out design facilitates easy service.
  • Dimensional pump interchangeability (certain models).
  • Interchangeable parts. 
  • External impeller adjustment.
  • Inboard and outboard lip seals inhibit moisture from affecting bearing reservoir.
  • Pump bearings designed to exceed 10 years under normal operation.
  • Pump options include casing taps, mechanical seals, shaft sleeves, base mounts, jacketed stuffing box, grease lubrication, water cooled frame, base types, and ANSI flanges.


  • Chemical and petrochemical. 
  • Acid, abrasive, and caustic liquids.
  • Mining.
  • Waste treatment.
  • Grain slurry handling.


  • Flows to 1,000 GPM (3785 l/min).
  • Heads to 650 feet (198 m).
  • Temperatures to 500°F (260°C).
  • Discharge 1” to 4 “ (25 mm to 102 mm).
  • ASME B75.1 compliant.


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