Everything You Need To Know About Industrial Wastewater Systems

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    Crane's Jeff Simpson and Eric Finnila talk through each piece of equipment required for a good industrial wastewater treatment system. 

    Jeff Simpson Presenation Jan 2019


    Pump Basics

    Time: 50:40

    Learn the basics of different types of pumps used in wastewater treatment. 

    Eric Finnila Part 1
    More on Pumps

    Time: 30:11

    Technical discussion on centrifugal and positive displacement pumps. Learn about pump curves and monitoring operating conditions.


    Eric - Coatings and Liners
    Wastewater Coatings and Liners

    Time: 20:02

    Learn about the types of coatings used in wastewater applications to protect concrete wet wells, clarifiers, and other assets.

    Eric- Clarifiers and DAFs
    Clarifers and DAFs

    Time: 37:48


    Eric - Blowers Aeration
    Blowers and Aeration

    Time: 26:07