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Dave Garlie - Cargill

My name is Dave Garlie, I work for Cargill. We're a large agricultural company that supplies bulk ingredients to the food sector in addition to industrial. My role, predominately, for Cargill is industrial. My job is to source different ingredients or byproducts that Cargill produces, then implement in different applications, via industrial. 

How Crane comes into the picture is, what we find a lot in these new systems and new applications is delivery of our new technology is a challenge in itself. So we had to find a partner. Crane came to Cargill some years ago, and we joined forces with them, and they've helped design some systems to help deliver our technology.

The distinction we came across was ease of use to work with [Crane's] folks, so we were able to engage and have constructive dialog. We feel our intellectual property is protected under the confidentiality agreement that we've put in place, which is important to Cargill. We found a manufacturing partner that truly understood the challenges we're up against and they met those challenges in a cost effective manner. That relationship continues today.

So, you made reference to the OptiFlow systems. I'm also responsible for the other industrial initiatives within Cargill, that would be the systems we recently put together for the carpet industry.

I just got challenged by Kent over here, I tried to stump him on three more major challenge applications for these industrial applications. Because what happens in these industrial segments, is the traditional chemistry that has been utilized to date also has this infrastructure delivery system that has been designed around that chemistry. So as you approach these new frontiers, new markets, with our chemistry, the existing equipment and infrastructure isn't exactly efficient. So now we have to go back and reinvestigate, reinvent, how are we going to put together delivery systems that are capable of processing Cargill solutions for these new frontiers, these new industrial markets.

Kent has a unique skill set. You can describe your situation or your problem and he can visualize potential solutions, or at least narrow them down. Either A, can we or can we not. We can present some challenge to him and he will be honest with Cargill and say "Well I can develop cold fusion before I can develop that type of solution." That's the thing, the honesty and the feedback that we're looking for. He has a very unique skill set of visualizing what we're trying to do, then uses the physics and his knowledge to design the systems.

So we understand, obviously you're in the midwest, but with the systems design that we're looking for, we've been able to branch out, for like the carpet industry, and some of the other applications we're looking to expand, we definitely want to bring [Crane] in. Because when you deliver, you only make us look good, and you make my job easier.



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