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Randy Kastello - Bosar Consultants

My name is Randy Kastello and I work for Bosar Consultants. I deal with Ralph Lechner, generally, and a few others at Crane. I work in the cheese manufacturing plants and I also work for Waste Management doing gas compression and waste collection systems. I get into different applications, pumps, valves, and Ralph has always been able to help us out.

It's always been a good experience, Ralph's usually pretty reponsive, I get calls from him pretty late at night so I know he doesn't work just 8 to 5, which is good. He's there when I need him. If he can't get the answers to me, he gets me referred to somebody else. Crane has always been real good.

The products I go to Crane for are generally the pumps and the valves. I get different applications, some of them are in wastewater, some of them are in gas compression, some of them are just plain water an glycol pumping systems. I come for the variety of the pumps and the same for the valves. 

I know years ago Ralph lined me up with a Cashco valve fo an application we had at Waste Management, and they've been buying that same valve ever since, it's been about 6 or 7 years now. We've had a real good success with that Cashco valve. 

I've had applications where we've had failures and we need to get a replacement in a hurry. I called Ralph and he did everything he could to make it happen in a quick fashion. 

We had another application where we had to make a valve fit in a specific space, and the valves that were available weren't the right dimensions, but [Ralph] helped us get a spool piece made and a valve made to the specific dimension that we needed.



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