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Victor Bravo - Affiliated Construction Services 

My name is Victor Bravo. I'm a Mechanical Engineer for Affiliated Construction Services out of Madison, Wisconsin. Our company is a construction management firm specializing in the vehicle engine research industry.

My experience working with Crane has been excellent so far. I've been working with Crane two to three years myself. Usually for control valves, we get a lot of control valves from Crane, some pumps as well.

In our projects, we have a lot of process systems. The systems are for engine research, so they're very particular, very specific systems. 

As far as working with Crane's individuals, mostly with Ralph [Lechner] and Dave [Riemer]. We bought several control valves from Ralph a year or so ago. The service was excellent. It's very critical for us to get not only, upfront, the procurement process, but the service that goes after that. That goes for, if we've got failures, need product literature before or after we buy the items. So far it's been excellent.

Another example, working with Dave very recently for Cummins in Stoughton, Wisconsin, we had two control valves that were failing on us. We called him up, they were there, literally in an hour. Dave was there in an hour! I was surprised. They helped us troubleshoot, and the next day he came back with a service technician, figured out what the problem was, and we're waiting for our new valve any day now. 



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