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Quick Turnaround Helps Secure Manufacturing Contract


Beverage Manufacturer, WI


The customer was constructing a batch mixing area in hopes of winning a major beverage contract. A tank fabrication company originally had the responsibility of installing a complete operational control solution; however, they had problems with sourcing equipment and would not be able to meet the critical deadline. With only 15 days remaining before the scheduled trial runs, the customer turned to Crane Engineering for a fast track solution!


  • Crane Engineering quickly checked to ensure all equipment was available and would arrive in time. Also made sure that staff was available to design, build, and test the project in a 15-day window
  • Negotiated an agreement with equipment suppliers for price and availability without adding unreasonable expense for the client


  • An affordable process solution with precise batching capabilities was delivered, as promised, in an extremely limited amount of time
  • Trial runs exceeded expectations and a major beverage contract was secured!


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