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Pump Exchange Program Means Big Savings


North American Paper Company


Due to reduction in maintenance staff, customer did not have enough man hours to complete all required equipment repairs.


  • Customer called with number of back pull out assemblies required for scheduled mill outage
  • Crane Engineering delivers required BPOs assemblies to mill
  • Mill maintenance staff installs exchanged BPOs and stages removed BPOs for Crane pick up
  • Crane repairs BPO assemblies to full OEM standards utilizing new and any salvageable parts
  • Mill is invoiced Bi-monthly on blanket order for the exchanged BPOs


  • Plant maintenance staff available to perform more specialized paper machine repairs.
  • Consistent repairs to OEM standards by factory trained service technicians.
  • Reduction in customer component inventory.
  • Transactional Savings
    • Bi-monthly Invoicing
    • Store Room Receiving Eliminated
    • PO Issuance Reduced


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