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    Pump Exchange Program Means Big Savings

    Back Pull Out Exchange Program

    North American Paper Company


    Due to reduction in maintenance staff, customer did not have enough man hours to complete all required equipment repairs.

    • Customer called with number of back pull out assemblies required for scheduled mill outage.
    • Crane Engineering delivers required BPOs assemblies to mill.
    • Mill maintenance staff installs exchanged BPOs and stages removed BPOs for Crane pick up.
    • Crane repairs BPO assemblies to full OEM standards utilizing new and any salvageable parts.
    • Mill is invoiced Bi-monthly on blanket order for the exchanged BPOs.
    • Plant maintenance staff available to perform more specialized paper machine repairs.
    • Consistent repairs to OEM standards by factory trained service technicians.
    • Reduction in customer component inventory.
    • Transactional Savings
      • Bi-monthly Invoicing
      • Store Room Receiving Eliminated
      • PO Issuance Reduced



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    Success Stories

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