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    Product Reclamation System Delivers
    6-Month Payback

    Product Loss Recovery

    National Dairy Manufacturer


    Reclaim traditionally wasted product (butter) left over in transfer lines, line casualties, metal detector checks and damaged wrapped butter.

    • Design, manufacture and install a butter reclaim system that recovers product in two ways.
      • First CIP Rinse of Butter Equipment
      • Rework butter for Oil Recovery
    • Melted butter fat collected in reclaim system and metered into HTST at the rate of 1-2% by volume
    • Total Yearly Savings = $723,335
      • First Rinse of Butter Equipment Savings = $182,885/year
      • Rework for Oil Recovery = $540,450/year
    • System Cost = $200,000 + additional installation costs ($200,000)
    • 6 Month Payback!



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