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    Mill with High Operating Costs Seeks Energy Savings

    Energy Savings

    North American Paper Company


    Reduce operating costs of mill rotating equipment.

    • Working with mill engineers, a number of likely pump candidates were selected from across the mill.
    • A three day on-site assessment was performed on various pumps across the mill.
    • A detailed report was completed with the anticipated energy savings and recommendations on how to realize those savings.
    • Recommended efficiency improvements for 23 pumps with a project energy and maintenance savings of $1.067 million on an investment of $591,000.
    • The mill challenged the anticipated energy savings by doing their own calculations. They found the anticipated savings to be very accurate.
    • VFDs were initially implemented on 5 applications with a yearly energy savings in excess of $102,000.
    • Additional cost savings were realized for impoved MTBF.



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