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Local Inventory Reduces Downtime


North American Paper Company


Customer called with an emergency situation. All instrument air lines were plugged with Calcium Carbonate. Paper machine was unable to start until valve positioners were replaced.


  • Pull 18 positioners from Crane inventory
  • Delivered positioners to local mill within 20 minutes of the after-business hour call
  • Technician and Sales Engineer showed plant personnel how to install and calibrate the positioners
  • Due to the urgency of the situation, no PO was issued and paperwork was handled the following week


  • Paper machine was able to start within hours of the call to Crane Engineering
  • Hours, if not days of unscheduled downtime were avoided
  • Customer only ended up requiring 14 positioners, the remaining items were returned with no charges
  • ($/hour of production) × (avoided hours of downtime delivered) = Significant Savings to Customer


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