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Food Manufacturing Valve Solution   

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Actuated Valve With Rebreather


We tackled an actuated valve challenge for a major food manufacturer dealing with extreme heat and corrosive chemicals. Their 400F fryer oil and harsh cleaning agents wreaked havoc on their equipment.


  • Upgraded valves with cavity-filled 50/50 PTFE stainless seats (rated to 550F) to handle the intense heat
  •  Constructed stainless steel actuators with epoxy-coated pistons for corrosion resistance.
  •  Provided stainless steel elbows and mufflers for further protection against a corrosive atmosphere.
  • Recommended mounting brackets to distance actuators from process heat.
  • Added rebreathers to prevent corrosive air entering actuator chambers, ensuring longevity. 

What's a Rebreather?

It's a clever device that blocks corrosive air, allowing clean, dry instrument air inside the actuator, essential for durability.




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