Industrial Floor Coatings


5S Marking


No matter if you're installing new, or upgrading old areas of your facility, Crane Engineering has the expertise to help make it happen. 

Our professional services free up time for you to work on other things, while we make sure repairs and turnkey installations are made to last.

Tank Lining Installation
Turnkey Installation

Proper preparation and installation is critical to extending the life of your new coating.

The experience and know-how of Crane Engineering's qualified installation crews ensures they will select the right product for your unique environment, and install your new coating system properly, ensuring a long lasting product.

5S Lean Manufacturing Floor Markings
5S Floor Marking

Take your work area one step closer to becoming lean with 5S color designation. Help your employees work smarter and safer by indicating dangerous areas, aisleways, and areas to keep clear for operational purposes.

Concrete Step Repair

Settlement or shrinkage of a concrete slab can cause cracking over the life of your concrete flooring. Our installation team properly repairs cracks and control joints, and also patches larger areas to help you get more life out of your concrete.




Floor Pitching
Pitching or Leveling

Does your floor drain properly? As part of your flooring project, Crane Engineering can pitch or level your floors to ensure that your process flow moves towards the drain instead of pooling in unwanted areas.

Tank Inspections
Tank Inspections

Tanks are constantly exposed to harsh contents like wastewater and corrosive chemicals. The life expectancy of your tanks depends upon proper maintenance.

Crane Engineering provides a tank inspection service that will help you monitor the health of your structure, and make recommendations to prolong its life and minimize maintenance costs.

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