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Water Treatment  & Reuse Skid Systems


For industrial facilities, managing wastewater is a constant concern. Whether you are challenged with high disposal costs or meeting sustainability goals for water reuse, we can help.

Crane Engineering's innovative water treatment and reuse skid systems offer a sustainable solution, transforming wastewater into a valuable facility resource. By implementing advanced water reuse and reclamation treatment technologies, your facility can move beyond traditional wastewater management, streamline your operations, avoid surcharges or transportation costs, and reduce water burden. 

 Below, we review types of water treatment processes, the benefits of water reuse and reclamation skids, how to choose the right skid system, industry applications, FAQs, and more.

Industrial Manufacturing


Industrial processes often generate wastewater laden with contaminants. Disposing of this wastewater can be costly and doesn't align with growing resource conservation priorities. Crane Engineering’s water treatment and reuse systems offer a customized solution to turn wastewater challenges into water reuse opportunities. And sometimes, the removed “contaminants” have reuse potential as well.

Cheese factories, for example, generate significant wastewater from wash-down processes. Our technology can remove organic matter, fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from this wastewater. The treated water can then be reused for non-potable applications, including cooling water, boiler feedwater, or cleaning and sanitation operations.

Our modular design allows us to configure skids to address the specific contaminants present in your industrial wastewater stream. This makes our systems ideal for a wide range of applications, from food and beverage processing to industrial and commercial applications. Markets that are ripe for consideration of packaged or modular onsite wastewater treatment and reclamation include Pharmaceutical, Cheese Manufacturing, Meat Processing and Packaging, Environmental Remediation, and Waste Management.

Commercial Building Applications

Rising water demands and growing environmental concerns are making onsite water reclamation systems a top priority for building managers and developers. Crane Engineering's water treatment and reuse skids offer a versatile option to promote sustainable closed-loop water management building systems.

Creating a self-contained water cycle reduces reliance on municipal water supplies and minimizes the amount of wastewater your facility will send for municipal treatment. Crane Engineering offers solutions for every building:

apartment buildings

  • Apartment buildings: Capture rainwater forlandscaping irrigation or toilet flushing. Treat greywater from sinks and showers to reuse for toilet flushing. Skid systems can help you create a more water-efficient complex.

  • Office complexes: Large office buildings can benefit from rainwater harvesting and reuse for irrigation or cooling towers. Our greywater treatment skids can further reduce reliance on fresh water for toilet flushing and custodial services.

  • Rooftops of manufacturing facilities: Capture the water from manufacturing facility rooftops for use onsite decreasing the water demand of the facility and meet Corporate ESG science based target goals.

Implementing Crane Engineering water reuse technologies supports sustainability and green building initiatives but also reduces water use, and thus municipal water costs, and increases building value.

To help customers meet their sustainability goals for water reuse, Crane Engineering is proud to be a system provider for Ecovie Water Management, delivering on-site water management solutions for commercial greywater recycling, rainwater collection, and stormwater management.


Why Are Water Treatment and Reuse Skid Systems Needed?


Crane Engineering’s water treatment and reuse skids offer advantages that go beyond simply treating wastewater. These benefits can significantly impact your facility's environmental and financial performance, aligning with large communities’ green initiatives, corporations with strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments or SBTs (Science Based Targets), and industries facing water scarcity.

  • Municipal surcharges: Exceeding your municipality's permit limits for wastewater constituents, like biological oxygen demand (BOD), can result in hefty surcharges. High BOD levels indicate water pollution that can harm aquatic life. Crane skids can help you pretreat your wastewater to stay within permitted BOD limits and avoid costly surcharges.

  • Adapt to changing regulations: Municipalities are constantly tightening regulations on wastewater discharge, such as phosphorus, to protect waterways. Crane’s customizable skids can be adapted to remove specific contaminants, ensuring compliance, especially for industries with established land application practices that may no longer be compliant with new regulations.

  • Upgrade or expand existing onsite treatment: Skid systems offer a cost-effective solution if an existing onsite wastewater treatment system is aging or struggling to handle increased production from a growing facility. Our modular systems can be integrated with existing infrastructure to boost treatment capacity or replace outdated equipment.

  • Embrace Commercial Water Reuse: Water reuse is no longer limited to industrial applications. Commercial buildings, like large office complexes and data centers, are increasingly adopting water reuse strategies.

  • Comply with Construction Permitting Requirements: Many new construction projects are now required to incorporate water reuse systems to reduce their environmental impact. Crane Engineering provides the expertise and equipment needed for permitting requirements and building sustainable commercial spaces.

  • Combat Water Scarcity and Regulations: In regions facing water scarcity, water reuse becomes an essential strategy. Skid systems help businesses comply with regulations mandating water reuse in these areas. This supports sustainable operations and corporate responsibility initiatives.

How to Choose the Right Skid System for Water Treatment Requirementspaper-tissue-transfer-skid-system-844985-edited

We understand that all wastewater streams are different. That's why we offer a variety of water treatment and reuse skids designed to address specific treatment requirements. Our core skid types provide a foundation, and we can customize them further to create a comprehensive solution for your application: 


  • Basic filtration skids: Ideal for removing coarse solids and suspended particles from your wastewater stream, our basic filtration skids typically use technologies like screening and clarification to separate the solids from the liquid portion. The clarified water can then be further treated or discharged.

  • Solid-liquid separation skids: Building on basic filtration, these skids utilize more sophisticated methods to remove a wider range of solids. Depending on the solids' size and characteristics, the solution could include media, cartridge, or bag filters. The treated water can then be directed for facility reuse or further processed in more advanced systems.

  • Advanced treatment skids: When wastewater requires a higher degree of treatment, we offer skids equipped with membrane filtration technologies like Ultrafiltration (UF), Microfiltration (MF), Nanofiltration (NF), or Reverse Osmosis (RO). These techniques remove the smallest particles and bacteria, creating high-quality effluent suitable for a wider range of reuse applications. The integration of disinfection methods, like ultraviolet (UV) light or chlorination, can ensure the treated water meets all microbiological safety standards.

  • Booster skids: Providing an essential final link, Crain Engineering’s booster skids ensure that reclaimed water reaches its designated use location with the necessary pressure, maximizing the efficiency and value of water reuse systems. We can design a booster skid to meet specific flow rates and pressure needs.


Oystra Industrial Wastewater Processor


Oystra: Advanced Filtration for Demanding Applications

Oystra represents the pinnacle of Crane Engineering's advanced filtration technology. Inspired by the oyster's remarkable ability to transform grit into pearls, Oystra tackles the toughest wastewater challenges.

This sophisticated technology can transform heavily contaminated water into near-potable quality effluent, and is effective for a wide range of demanding reuse applications. Oystra leverages cutting-edge membrane filtration technologies like Ultrafiltration (UF) or Microfiltration (MF), and Reverse Osmosis (RO). This powerful combination removes even the most minute particles, bacteria and viruses, ensuring the treated water meets the strictest quality standards.


Water Treatment and Reuse Skid Industry Applications



  • Reduce reliance on freshwater by treating wastewater for reuse in non-critical applications like equipment cleaning, toilet flushing or irrigation.
  • Minimize the environmental impact of wastewater disposal by removing contaminants and meeting discharge regulations.
  • Potentially recover valuable ingredients or byproducts from wastewater streams.

Agriculture RNG:

  • Create high-quality irrigation water by treating wastewater from agricultural operations to remove pathogens and excess nutrients
  • Reduce reliance on groundwater resources by treating rainwater or surface water for irrigation purposes.
Cheese and Dairy Manufacturing:

  • Cheese and dairy factories often deal with significant amounts of wastewater from cleaning and wash-down processes. This wastewater is typically rich in organic matter, fats, oils, and grease (FOG), which require effective treatment before it can be reused or safely discharged.
  • By recycling water, dairy manufacturers can significantly reduce their freshwater intake, aligning with sustainability goals and conservation priorities.
  • Reducing dependency on municipal water supplies and avoiding surcharges, penalties, or transportation costs associated with wastewater disposal can lead to substantial financial savings.

 Meat Processing and Packaging:

  • Meat processing plants use substantial amounts of water for cleaning and packaging processes. Water reuse systems decrease the dependency on freshwater sources by treating and recycling water within the facility.
  • Systems can help avoid fines and surcharges associated with exceeding wastewater discharge limits and reduce transportation costs for off-site wastewater treatment.

Waste Management Environmental Solutions (liquid wastewater management):

  • Skid systems offer an efficient solution for treating liquid wastewater, including the removal of organic pollutants, suspended solids, and other contaminants, thus preparing it for safe discharge or reuse.
  • With stringent regulations around wastewater discharge, skid systems enable facilities to meet or exceed environmental standards, ensuring compliance and avoiding potential fines.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of industrial processes and by concentrating wastewater streams before further treatment, or disposal or reuse.
  • Reduce transportation costs.
  • Minimize the load on municipal treatment plants, potentially lowering disposal fees.
  • Recover valuable resources from wastewater streams like leachate or flow-back water.


Key Features of Skid-Mounted Water Treatment and Reuse Systems

skid mounted water treatmentCrane Engineering's water treatment and reuse skids offer a robust and versatile solution for treating a wide range of wastewater streams, transforming them into valuable facility resources.

The key features that set our skids apart include:

Modular Design: Our skid systems are modular, allowing us to customize them to your specific treatment needs. This flexibility ensures we can address the unique challenges of your wastewater stream and deliver the optimal level of treatment.

Advanced Technologies: Crane Engineering’s skids integrate a range of cutting-edge technologies to effectively remove contaminants and purify your wastewater, including, filtration, membrane technology, UV systems, and chlorination disinfection options.

Durable Construction: Manufactured with high-quality materials and components, Crane Engineering’s water treatment and reuse skids are built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments and deliver long-lasting performance.

 Simple Operation and Maintenance: Our systems are designed for user-friendly operation and require minimal maintenance, ensuring efficient and cost-effective operation.

Water Treatment and Reuse Skid System FAQs

1. What type of wastewater can Crane Engineering’s systems handle?

Crane Engineering's skid-mounted systems are modular and highly versatile. We can tailor a solution to treat a wide range of wastewater streams, including:

  • Waste Management Environmental Solutions
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Agriculture RNG
  • Cheese and Dairy Manufacturing
  • Meat Processing and Packaging
2. What level of treatment can Crane Engineering’s water reuse/reclamation skid systems achieve?

Our systems incorporate a range of technologies, allowing us to achieve various treatment levels. We can remove suspended solids, organic matter, dissolved contaminants, and even bacteria through methods like filtration, membrane technology (UF/MF/RO), and disinfection (UV or chlorination).

3. Can your systems recover valuable resources from my wastewater?

In some cases, yes. Our systems can concentrate specific contaminants within your wastewater stream. Depending on the nature of these contaminants, you may be able to recover valuable resources for reuse within your facility such as food ingredients or nutrients for fertilizers.

4. How much space do your skid-mounted systems require?

Crane Engineering’s skids are designed with a compact footprint, making them ideal for facilities with limited space. The exact size of the skid will depend on your specific treatment needs and flow rate requirements.

5. What are the benefits of using Crane Engineering's water treatment and reuse skids?

There are many benefits! These include:

  • Reduced reliance on freshwater resources
  • Lower wastewater disposal costs
  • Enhanced environmental sustainability
  • Improved compliance with regulations
  • Potential for resource recovery
  • Space-saving design
  • Easy installation and maintenance
6. I have a specific question about my wastewater stream and how your systems can help. How can I get more information?

 Our experienced team can assess your unique needs and recommend the most suitable water reuse and reclamation solution for your facility. Contact us today to discuss your needs and the solutions we can offer.


The following value-added services are currently available to our customers:

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