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Netzsch - Full Service In Place NEMO Demonstration

Video Transcript

Good morning everybody I would like to introduce you to our next generation of Nemo NM series pumps. It's our next line of full service in place progressive cavity pumps, after our first Tornado T2 pump came out a few years ago it was fully serviceable in place. Now our Nemo NM FSIP pump is also fully serviceable in place.

What does fully serviceable in place mean? I means that you don't, there's no need to disconnect any of the piping, the gearbox, or the electrical of the pump to be serviced, it's the same footprint of which it sits.

So the pump is available in three different configurations, FSIP ready, Advanced, and Pro, and I'll go through each one of those for you. So FSIP ready features a large window and access cover, so you can see all the wearable components on the inside make sure there's no debris or clogs or any build up that could be keeping or restricting the flow. Our FSIP pump is fully compatible with our existing NM Series so it can drop in the same port to port position of all our existing models.

It only has 5 screws to remove the cover. It'll give you a large viewable area for inspection. The FSIP range covers the full flows and pressures of all of our existing models as well. So it would be a direct, drop in replacement. With the window being on top, it's less likely that you're going to have any kind of fluid leaking out when you go to inspect it, versus some of our competitors.

So next, is our FSIP Advanced which features a two-piece drivetrain or connecting rod that can be disconnected with one bolt. This allows you to completely service the rotor and stator and inspect one side of the connecting joint. This is really what allows us to service the pump in the place, where it's at.

So while Tim's doing that, I'll talk about our iFD stator technology. So, our iFD stator 2 technology. It features a clamshell style housing that holds the stator remove like the four bolts that you see there, and that allows you to remove and view inspect the stator, or easily replace. The stator shell applies the proper amount of pressure to the stator itself, the rubber component that allows for, to have longer life less wear, higher efficiency. It's also eco-friendly for disposal or recycling.

So back to FSIP. Now the rotor and stator can be lifted right out either off to the side, or up through the top, the rotor and stator can now be put or taken to an area where it's easy to work on remove the rotor and stator or remove the rotor from the stator. Now normally the rotor is a lot longer than that, that's just for demo purposes.

So the last, the third configuration we offer is the FSIP Pro which allows you to remove the coupling guard, and then with one pin, it allows you to slide out the rest of the drive train. This gives you access to the cartridge seal and the rest of the joints. And you can easily slide it out. And then when putting the pump back together, there's no adjustments that need to be made. The pump goes back together automatically in the proper configuration with the right tension on the mechanical spring. That is our FSIP pump it is available in stainless steel cast iron or carbon steel housings. It's fully serviceable in place, decrease the servicing time that's required, it's easier to work on, it saves you money, and overall lower total cost of ownership. Thank you all for joining us today.



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