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Gorman-Rupp Eradicator Product Review

Video Transcript

Hi welcome to another Crane Engineering product review! I'm here today with Brad Parkhurst, Brad is one of our application engineers here at Crane Engineering. So, Brad, what are we talking about today?

Today we're talking about the Gorman-Rupp Eradicator Series product enhancement. What they did is they went and improved their Super T pump line and created this Eradicator series solids management system.

So, Gorman-Rupp came up with this product enhancement because in the field they were seeing that even with their solids passage pumps that they have currently, the severest applications with wet wipes, even in industrial chicken feathers, and plastic bags, hair, rags, were still getting plugged in their pumps. So what they did is they said, ok, what can we do to enhance their current leading self-priming pump?

What they came up with was the tooth, and the serrated edge on the wear plate and what these do is two things. One, the serrated edge prevents solids from trapping between the impeller, and the wear plate. Two, the tooth will actually take the solids and prevent them from wrapping or collecting in the eye of the impeller and allows them to pass through the pump.

Another feature they added to the Eradicator Solids Management System is this inspection port. And the reason that they did this is you can remove this inspection port and be able to get your hand into the eye of the impeller.

Now in the first version of this pump, you actually had to remove this whole complete assembly in order to get back to the backside of the impeller. So, with this inspection port it's easier for the operator to be able to remove the port, get back to the pump, remove any debris that might be in there, and then be able to put it back on with ease, and then be back up and running and also with that, you no longer have to do any adjustment on your wear plate so this all stays solid and no additional maintenance.

So Brad, how would you install this on a Super T?

So there's one of two things we can do. If you have a new application and you're looking to put this exactly into your new pump, you can buy that pump with this enhancement already into it. Or, you can take a regular Super T pump which has this assembly already in it, we can remove this front plate assembly, and then install this whole assembly back into the existing pump. Everything lines up, dimensionally, o-rings, everything is put into place and you're up and running just as you normally would.

So with any upgrade there's gotta be some sort of drawback, right? It's not all pros and no cons so what is the drawback with installing one of these?

So with this enhancement obviously there's a little bit of obtrusion to the flow path to the eye of the impeller. What this causes is just a slight reduction in efficiency. And what Gorman-Rupp has done is said ok, any pump that's plugged, is a zero efficiency pump, because it's not working. To reduce the efficiency just slightly but keep the pump running, everyone's gonna love that. So if you ever run across, that you're looking to apply this to an existing application, please talk to an application engineer. They'll need to run through the calculations just to make sure that your existing system will work with this enhancement.

So, already, we've had this product for probably a couple years now right? It's a couple years old. So we've seen it installed in a number of places in our region, so what are municipalities and industrial customers saying about this upgrade?

So we've installed it in multiple applications, the ones that we've done have been retrofits to the existing pumps. And those applications with the old version were seeing plugging one, to two, to three times a week, sometimes more. And currently, they've been running now for a couple months and we have had zero reports of plugging. So it's actually operating quite well.

If you're in Wisconsin or upper Michigan and you would like to see the Eradicator for yourself, give us a call, or request a consultation on our website.



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