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Challenges with Suction-Side Strainers


 The first thing that I want to cover is what I call, suction-side strainer. A lot of times there's a perception that I need to protect the centrifugal pump from whatever might get in the sump or the tank that's feeding it. So what we want to do to protect our pump is to prevent large items or other items from entering the pump that may gall the impeller or seize up the impeller on the casing or otherwise do mechanical damage inside of the pump.

But more often than not, what you'll find is that putting any kind of restriction on the pump that can change over time, like a strainer or a filter, could definitely have adverse affects on the pump and I want to show that in the system right now.

So what I'm representing right now is I have a very happy pump system, once in a while we are pulling in a little bit of air, but in general the pump is on curve, it's running smoothly, it's quiet. You can see that we have a solid column of liquid in the pump, there's minimal cavitation, generally it's a happy pump. 



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