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Weinman L & LVM Horizontal Split Case Pump
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Weinman L & LVM Horizontal Split Case Pump


Weinman L series horizontal and LVM vertical split case pumps combine mechanical simplicity with advanced hydraulic design to deliver reliable, economical, and efficient performance in large capacity liquid handling for municipal, commercial, and general industrial services. Available in single-stage and multi-stage designs, Weinman split case pumps meet ASTM, HI, ANSI, AISI, SAE, and ASME standards.

Split case configurations allow easy access for maintenance. The spacer-type coupling enables bearing and seal service without motor or casing removal. Separate, adjustable motor mount prevents misalignment. Extra heavy castings assure smooth quiet operation by absorbing vibration and noise. 


  • Horizontal (L) or vertical (LVM) mounting.
  • Single-stage and multi-stage versions available.
  • Spacer-type coupling for ease of service.
  • Factory-installed permanent motor mount to prevent misalignment.
  • Thrust collar and lip seal facilitate easy maintenance.
  • “V” trough base design collects drippage from condensation and packing.


  • Potable water supply and treatment.
  • Chilled or hot water circulation.
  • General service water pumping.
  • High pressure and volume boiler feed services.
  • General water service and pressure boosting.


  • Sizes Discharge sizes from 1.5” to 12” discharge 2” to 12” (5 cm to 30 cm).
  • Capacities to 6000 GPM (1363 m3/hour).
  • Heads up to 450 ft ( 137 meters).  
  • Pressures to 450 psig (31bar).
  • Three-phase motors from 1 hp through 400 hp (.75 kW through 300 kW).



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