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Vogelsang XRipper Wastewater Grinder
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Vogelsang XRipper Wastewater Grinder


If wet wipes and entangled material are clogging wastewater pumps in sewers, XRipper wastewater grinders are the effective solution. The twin-shaft grinder powerfully shreds foreign matter such as hygienic products, textiles and garbage to prevent entanglement of fibrous foreign matter, thereby protecting pumps, valves, and pipe systems from clogging. The twin-shaft grinder even easily shreds large entanglements that would immediately block the circulation pumps in the digesters of sewage treatment plants. The XRipper, therefore, protects against operational interruptions and disruptions in channels or sewage treatment plants.

Adapted to the requirements of wastewater technology, the XRipper is available in three different designs. Aside from the extremely easy to maintain XRS series, the XRipper XRP series is also an excellent choice. It was specially designed for inline installation in pipe systems where space is limited, while the XRipper XRC series was specially designed for use in open channels and/or upstream from intake or discharge structures.

Thanks to the flexible Sewage Integration Kit (SIK) the XRipper XRC can also be easily positioned against slanted or rounded walls, with removal being equally straightforward. All XRippers share this in common: the shredding tools, called Ripper rotors, rotate at a low speed. This means that the XRipper delivers extremely high torque for shredding even at low drive power. At the same time, the Ripper rotors clean themselves, as a result of rotating at different speeds. Thanks to XRipper's contact-free functional principle, power consumption during idling is minimal. XRipper's user-friendly maintenance and service concepts are tailored to enable rapid maintenance. Even parts can be easily replaced without hassle on-site by sewage treatment plant personnel or by a service partner.


  • Economical shredding of solid and disruptive matter such as wet wipes, wood, fabric, trash, and waste
  • Efficient protection for pumps and system components from clogging, blockages, and damage
  • Always ready for operation thanks to straightforward maintenance
  • Added reliability thanks to cartridge mechanical seal technology


Vogelsang is a leading manufacturer of solids handling pumps, grinders, separators, and other solids-handling technology.


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