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Ultraflote Aluminum Geodesic Domes
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Ultraflote Aluminum Geodesic Domes


The Ultradome™ can replace existing fixed roofs or convert existing external floating roof tanks to covered floating roof tanks. We are unique in the industry because we offer two different panel attachment options for your specific requirements. Because of their lightweight materials and construction, these domes provide efficient, cost-effective solutions to protect your product from the elements and reduce the contamination of the environment by your products. Both designs utilize a fully triangulated structure and are assembled from pre-cut, pre-punched parts designed, developed and created in-house. The all-aluminum construction yields a long life with virtually no maintenance costs.

They also feature some unique characteristics, which can be further customized in order to make sure every client receives the dome they need to protect their oil & gas, industrial or municipal products.


  • No need to dispose of water contaminated due to leaky seals or drains
  • No standing water reduces the corrosion of steel parts
  • No more pipe drain or hose issues
  • No wind losses
  • Seals are no longer vulnerable to ultraviolet light
  • Zero risk of EFR sinking or collapse because of too much accumulated rain or snow
  • Zero risk of rim fires
  • Integral tension rings prevent additional horizontal stress on the tank shell
  • Lightweight, so existing foundations will not be overwhelmed
  • Easily installed using three different methods
  • Can be installed without taking the tank out of service


Ultraflote provides a wide range of solutions backed by over 150 years of cumulative management experience. Ultraflote products meet and/or exceed industry standards and they've contributed to American Petroleum Institute's design standard, API 650 Appendix-H, Appendix-G and AWWA standards. In addition, Ultraflote products are designed and manufactured under the strict quality guidelines of their ISO 9001:2008 certification.


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