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Tiger Shark Multi-Rake Screens
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Tiger Shark Multi-Rake Screens


The Tiger Shark Multi-Rake Screen is a heavy-duty, stainless steel bar rack screen designed for efficient capture and removal of a wide variety of debris in wastewater applications. Its practical design combines reliability with efficient operation, making it an ideal solution for large particle removal in municipal wastewater, combined storm overflow, pump and lift stations, and industrial wastewater settings.

The Tiger Shark features multiple rakes that continuously clean the bar rack with grid openings ranging from 5 to 300mm. The low-friction UHMWPE guide links reduce wear and operational costs, ensuring long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance requirements.


  • Heavy-duty stainless steel bar rakes efficiently capture a wide variety of debris
  • Grid openings from 5-300mm, ideal for large particle removal
  • Low-friction UHMWPE guide links reduce wear and operational costs
  • Replaceable scraper bar ensures efficient dry removal of screenings
  • Auto-reverse and clear functionality provide jam protection
  • Available in various stainless steel grades, including T304, T316, Super Duplex, and high nickel alloys


  • Municipal wastewater treatment
  • Combined storm overflow
  • Pump and lift stations
  • Primary treatment in package plants
  • Headwork and intake in treatment plants
  • Industrial wastewater processing, including chemical, food and beverage, mining, and pulp and paper industries


  • Particle removal up to 18" (450mm)
  • Grid opening range: 5-300mm
  • Electric, hydraulic, or explosion-proof drive options
  • Rake spacing increments of 16" (400mm) starting at 32" (812mm)



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