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Sulzer Submersible propeller Pump Type ABS VUPX
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Sulzer Submersible propeller Pump Type ABS VUPX


Sulzer's submersible propeller pumps are designed for applications requiring the pumping of large volumes of water at low heads up to 10 meters. These pumps are equipped with highly efficient Premium Efficiency IE3 motors, ranging from 9 to 650 kW for 50Hz and 19 to 1005 hp for 60Hz. Optional planetary gearboxes are available for models with motor power up to 650kW / 50 Hz and 1005 hp / 60 Hz.

The pumps feature highly efficient three- or four-blade propellers with excellent NPSH values and are ideal for direct installation in discharge pipes or concrete risers to save space and reduce installation costs. Adjustable blades and special skew-shaped propellers are available for return-activated sludge applications. The well-proven coupling ring design ensures improved energy savings and long-term reliability.


  • Premium Efficiency IE3 motors in accordance with IEC60034-30
  • Class H (140°C / 284°F) insulation, NEMA class A up to 110 kW / 168 HP, above NEMA class B
  • Double silicon mechanical seal with seal protection against spinning fibers
  • 100,000 hours bearing life
  • Sealed cable connection chamber with two-stage cable entry
  • Lifting hoop (stainless steel optional)
  • Condition monitoring for temperature, water ingress, and optional vibration
  • Explosion-proof version optional (ATEX, FM, or CSA)
  • Planetary gearboxes driven by four-pole motors for higher efficiency and lower weight


  • Stormwater protection, irrigation, and aquaculture
  • Screened wastewater from commercial and industrial sources  
  • Combined sewage and surface water
  • Return sludge or return activated sludge (RAS)
  • Wet wells, submerged with an automatic coupling system


  • Discharge sizes: DN 600 to DN 1400 
  • Pipe diameters: 600 to 1,400 mm (50 Hz) / 600 to 1,400 mm (23 to 55 in) (60 Hz)
  • Capacities: up to 7,000 l/s (50 Hz) / up to 8,500 l/s (134,700 USgpm) (60 Hz)  
  • Heads: up to 10 m (50 Hz) / up to 10 m (33 ft) (60 Hz)
  • Motor power: 9 to 650 kW (50 Hz) / 14 to 750 kW (19 to 1,005 hp) (60Hz)



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