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Sulzer ABS XRW Submersible Mixer
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Sulzer ABS XRW Submersible Mixer


The ABS XRW submersible mixer is a versatile and efficient mixing solution designed for a wide range of wastewater treatment and industrial applications. With a compact, water-pressure-tight design and full stainless steel options, the XRW mixer delivers superior performance, reliability, and long operating life.

Sulzer's innovative propeller designs and advanced motor technology, such as IE3 asynchronous motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM), ensure the lowest energy consumption and shorter mixing times. The XRW mixer's self-cleaning feature and easy installation make it an ideal choice for facilities looking to optimize their mixing processes while minimizing maintenance requirements.


  • Highly efficient IE3 asynchronous motors or equivalent PMSM options for reduced energy consumption
  • Hydraulically-optimized propeller designs for superior mixing performance
  • Self-cleaning propellers with reverse rotation to untangle items and reduce maintenance
  • Triple seal system with dual oil chamber for enhanced motor protection and extended service life
  • Heavy-duty rotor shaft construction to combat shaft deflection
  • Thermo Control System (TCS) to protect motor reliability
  • Quick-connection block for simplified maintenance work
  • Abrasion-resistant and galvanically insulated mast bracket and suspension for maximized service life


  • Mixing and stirring applications in wastewater treatment plants and industrial areas
  • Homogenization of highly-concentrated sewage sludge
  • Solid suspension and agitation in aerobic and anoxic mixing processes
  • Sludge mixing and floating crust prevention


  • Mixing flow: 0.23 - 1.79 m³/s (3,650 - 28,300 USgpm)
  • Propeller diameter: 210 - 900 mm (8 in. - 3 ft.)
  • Motor power: up to 22 kW (up to 33.5 hp)
  • Motor efficiency: up to 93%


Sulzer is a global partner offering reliable and sustainable solutions for performance-critical applications. Our innovative solutions add value and strengthen the competitive position of our customers.


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