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Sani-Matic Rotating Spray Balls - TANKO® S

Sani-Matic Rotating Spray Balls - TANKO® S


The TANKO® S series of rotary spray devices are intended to clean light to medium soil loads in a faster cleaning cycle. Their design and manufacture ensure large, directed water droplets for higher impact soil erosion.

Five TANKO S Models Featured

  • TANKO S20 – 2.5? Maximum Cleaning Radius
  • TANKO S30 – 3.3? Maximum Cleaning Radius
  • TANKO S40 – 6.5? Maximum Cleaning Radius
  • TANKO S40HF – A high flow option for hard-to-clean applications – 6.5? Maximum Cleaning Radius
  • TANKO S50 – 10.0? Maximum Cleaning Radius


  • Precision-cut slots without rough edges, ensuring large, directed water droplets for higher impact soil erosion.
  • Spray pattern creates bounce back or deflective cleaning.
  • Double-ball bearings for flexible positioning.
  • Several TANKO S models are in stock and ready for shipment
  • The TANKO S20 - S40 are recommended to operate at a maximum of 43 psi to avoid atomizing the spray droplets
  • Double ball bearings allow for versatile mounting (i.e. installation can occur in any orientation)
  • There are five sizes of the TANKO S Series (S10, S20, S30, S40, S50)
  • The smaller TANKO S Series, such as the S20, are ideal for shadow areas in tanks
  • The S50 is ideal for large tanks and can operate at higher pressure


  • Material: Body (316L), Ball Bearing (316) stainless steel
  • Maximum Working Temperature: 446 °F


Sani-Matic, Inc. designs and manufactures automated sanitary process cleaning equipment, from Clean-Out-of-Place (COP) Parts Washers and cabinet washers, such as the SaniCab and PharmaCab, to Clean-In-Place (CIP) Systems, and sanitary components that provide a complete clean – every time. And, we don’t stop there. We also provide expert services, including our Tactical Solutions program, to ensure systems are optimized for money-saving efficiencies and increased productivity.


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