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Roto Jet R11 Single-Stage High Pressure Pump
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Roto Jet R11 Single-Stage High Pressure Pump


The Roto-Jet® Model R11 is a single-stage, high pressure centrifugal pump that utilizes advanced pitot tube technology for smooth, reliable performance. With only two basic working parts, the designed R11 high pressure pump provides seize-proof operation and liquid flow rates up to 150 GPM for various industrial spraying, cleaning, and fluid transfer applications.


  • High pressure without high speed.
  • Adjustable performance via interchangeable pitot tubes.
  • Pulsation-free flow for consistent output.
  • Rugged ductile iron or stainless steel construction.
  • Isolated mechanical seal minimizes risk of contamination.
  • Hydraulic stability allows operation at design point to shut off without shaft deflection or additional thrust load to bearings.


  • Food and beverage spraying/cleaning systems.
  • Food and beverage system cleaning.
  • Reverse osmosis systems.
  • Circuit board wash systems.
  • Industrial water/process injection.
  • Boiler feed cleaning systems.


  • Capacity to 150 GPM (34 m3/hr).
  • Heads to 1500 feet (457 m).
  • Maximum temperature 180°F  (82°C), 250°F (121°C) with flush.
  • Speeds to 4858 RPM.
  • Maximum horsepower 75HP.
  • Maximum suction pressure 200 psi (14 bar).


Roto-Jet® pumps have a unique pitot tube technology that provide a more durable solution in demanding and difficult, high pressure applications. It is totally, hydraulically stable and can operate with a minimal continuous bypass flow at shutoff indefinitely and at any flow point throughout the total head curve range with no wearing or damaging effect to the pump.


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