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Roto Jet Model RG High Pressure Pump
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Roto Jet Model RG High Pressure Pump


ROTO-JET® pumps are single-stage high pressure centrifugal pumps that utilize advanced pitot tube technology to provide simplicity, flexibility, and reliability across a range of industrial applications. These uniquely designed pumps deliver high pressure without high rotational speeds

Roto-Jet RG pumps are grease lubricated for easier maintenance and prolonged bearing life. The RG provides high dependability by way of hydraulic stability, low minimum flow requirement, and industry-leading rugged design. Pulsation-free flow, easily maintained seal, and isolated bearing pedestal enhance reliability. 


  • Pitot tube technology enables high pressure with lower speeds.
  • Adjustable performance via changeable pitot tubes.  
  • Only two moving parts simplify maintenance. 
  • Stable hydraulics across broad flow ranges.
  • API 610 options available


  • Boiler feed.  
  • Central cleaning systems.
  • High-pressure wash systems.
  • Water injection. 


  • Flow capacity to 750 gpm (2839 LPM). 
  • Head capacity to 5,500 ft (1676 m). 
  • Temperatures from 32°F to 550°F (0°C to 288°C). 
  • Materials include ductile iron, stainless steel, CA6NM, and CD4MCu.


Roto-Jet® pumps have a unique pitot tube technology that provide a more durable solution in demanding and difficult, high pressure applications. It is totally, hydraulically stable and can operate with a minimal continuous bypass flow at shutoff indefinitely and at any flow point throughout the total head curve range with no wearing or damaging effect to the pump.


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