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Patterson Sentinel™ Vertical Turbine Fire Pumps
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Patterson Sentinel™ Vertical Turbine Fire Pumps


The Sentinel™ Vertical Turbine Fire Pump from Patterson embodies the latest design concepts and engineering technology, making it one of the most versatile and reliable fire suppression pumps available. With flexible staging options, these units can meet capacity requirements while minimizing floor space. The standard construction features cast iron discharge heads, fabricated steel columns, stainless steel head and bowl shafts, and cast iron bronze fitted bowls, with special metallurgies also available.

Sentinel™ Vertical Turbine Fire Pumps are self-contained and do not require priming, providing flows from 500 to 5,000 gpm (1,892 to 18,925 liters/min) and pressures exceeding 350 psi (24 bar). Patterson's commitment to timely delivery of rugged, reliable, and responsive fire suppression pumps and prepackaged systems ensures customers can securely fulfill their fire protection needs.


  • Flexible staging options to meet capacity requirements in minimal floor space
  • Standard construction with cast iron discharge heads, fabricated steel columns, and stainless steel head and bowl shafts
  • Special metallurgies available for customization
  • Self-contained design eliminates the need for priming
  • Rugged, reliable, and efficient performance


  • Fire suppression systems in various industries and settings
  • High-rise buildings and complexes
  • Industrial facilities and plants
  • Commercial properties and warehouses
  • Municipal fire protection infrastructure


  • Flows from 500 to 5,000 GPM (1,892 to 18,925 liters/min)
  • Pressures exceeding 350 psi (24 bar)



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