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Patterson EnviroFlo™ Vertical In-Line HVAC Pumps
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Patterson EnviroFlo™ Vertical In-Line HVAC Pumps


Patterson's Vertical In-Line HVAC Pumps with Integrated Drives are designed to deliver optimal efficiency and reliable performance for your HVAC applications. With embedded process knowledge provided by Patterson Intuition, you can make informed decisions easily and quickly. Our pumps simplify support and diagnostics, allowing issues to be solved comprehensively.

Built on a tradition of long operating life and reliability, Patterson Pump Company and Schneider Electric have been delivering quality pumping solutions for over 30 years. Our Vertical In-Line HVAC Pumps with Integrated Drive continue this legacy, offering rugged, reliable service and engineering refinements along with sustainable, energy-efficient performance that addresses Green strategies.


  • Embedded process knowledge with Patterson Intuition for informed decision-making
  • Intuitive built-in functions for simplified support and diagnostics
  • Long operating life and reliability backed by over 30 years of expertise
  • Sustainable, energy-efficient performance addressing Green strategies
  • Rugged and reliable service with engineering refinements


  • Hydronic pumping in HVAC systems
  • Green building strategies
  • Energy-efficient HVAC applications


  • Optimized efficiency for HVAC applications
  • Reliable performance backed by over a century of engineering expertise
  • Sustainable, energy-efficient operation



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