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Onyx Valve Series DHA
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Onyx Valve Series DHA


The Series DHA Full Round Port Dual Pinch Valve is a cost-effective, enclosed valve designed for reliable performance in a variety of industrial applications. Featuring a clog-resistant full round opening, this valve offers low pressure drop, drop-tight closure, and the ability to handle both on/off and throttling services. With carbon steel internal parts and a choice of cast iron or ductile iron housing, the Series DHA valve delivers economical operation without compromising on quality.

Onyx Valve Company manufactures each component of the Series DHA valve in-house using state-of-the-art machining technology, ensuring precise tolerances and consistent performance. The valve's dual pinch mechanism provides superior control and sealing, making it an ideal choice for applications where reliability and efficiency are critical.


  • Clog-resistant full round opening minimizes pressure drop and ensures smooth flow
  • Drop-tight closure for reliable sealing and leakage prevention
  • Suitable for both on/off and throttling services, providing versatility
  • No packing required, reducing maintenance and increasing uptime
  • Carbon steel internal parts, including stem, guide rods, and pinch bars, for durability
  • Choice of cast iron (up to 10") or ductile iron (12" and up) housing for application-specific requirements
  • Precision-machined components manufactured in-house for consistent quality and performance
  • Available with a range of options, including sleeve elastomer, epoxy paint, ANSI STD 300 lbs flange, 316 stainless steel stem, stem cover assembly, secondary containment package, limit switches, chain wheel, and bevel gearbox


  • Industrial processes requiring reliable, cost-effective flow control
  • On/off and throttling services in various industries
  • Applications with abrasive, corrosive, or viscous media
  • Situations where clog resistance and low pressure drop are essential


  • Valve sizes: Wide range available to suit various application requirements
  • Flanges: ANSI STD 125/150 lbs. (standard); ANSI STD 300 lbs. (optional)
  • Housing materials: Cast iron (ASTM A48, Class 35) for valve sizes up to 10"; Ductile iron (ASTM A536-80, Class 65-45-12) for valve sizes 12" and up
  • Stem, guide rods, and pinch bars: Carbon steel
  • Bearing: Bronze alloy



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