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Onyx Series DBS Rubber Check Valve
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Onyx Series DBS Rubber Check Valve


The Series DBS rubber check valve is a reliable and efficient solution for preventing backflow at the end of a pipe. Designed to handle challenging fluids such as slurries, sewerage, and sludge, this valve features a simple yet rugged construction consisting of an elastomer duckbill with a slip-on connection. By eliminating the mechanical parts found in conventional check valves, the Series DBS minimizes the risk of wear and jamming, ensuring consistent performance and long-term durability.

The Series DBS check valve is an ideal choice for industries dealing with corrosive, abrasive, or viscous fluids. Its elastomer construction provides excellent resistance to corrosion, while the streamlined design allows for silent operation and low pressure drop. The valve's frost-proof characteristics make it suitable for use in a wide range of environmental conditions, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging settings.


  • Simple, rugged design eliminates mechanical parts prone to wear and jamming
  • Elastomer duckbill with slip-on connection for easy installation
  • Low pressure drop ensures efficient flow
  • Corrosion-resistant materials provide long-term durability
  • Frost-proof construction allows for use in various environmental conditions
  • Silent operation minimizes noise pollution


  • Slurry handling in mining and mineral processing
  • Sewerage and wastewater treatment plants
  • Sludge processing in industrial and municipal settings
  • Chemical processing and transportation
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Food and beverage processing


  • Valve sizes available to accommodate various pipe diameters
  • Customizable elastomer materials to suit specific application requirements
  • Optional 316 stainless steel pipe clamps for secure installation
  • Designed and manufactured to precise machine-tool tolerances for optimal performance



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