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Onyx Isolator Ring - PSW
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Onyx Isolator Ring - PSW


The Onyx Isolator Ring PSW Series is an innovative solution for accurate pressure measurement of slurries and corrosive fluids in flanged pipe connections. Designed to nest inside the bolt circle of mating flanges, the PSW Series provides precise alignment, minimal weight, and cost-effective installation. The inside diameter seamlessly matches standard pipe sizes, ensuring smooth, unobstructed flow, self-cleaning operation, and reduced turbulence and friction.

Onyx's ultra-deep vacuum filling technology guarantees industry-leading accuracy, while the patented "Module Seal" allows for quick and easy instrument replacement or calibration with minimal downtime. The PSW Series combines superior performance, reliability, and convenience for a wide range of demanding industrial applications.


  • Absolute immunity to clogging, ensuring consistent and reliable operation
  • Precise alignment, reduced weight, and maximum cost-effectiveness
  • Compatible with 150# flanges; adaptable to 300# or 600# flanges using adapters
  • Unparalleled accuracy compared to traditional diaphragm seals
  • No tools required for pressure instrument replacement or maintenance
  • High displacement design accommodates up to three instruments on a single ring
  • Integral block valve and module seal for enhanced functionality and convenience


  • Slurry pressure measurement in mining, mineral processing, and wastewater treatment
  • Corrosive fluid pressure monitoring in chemical processing and pulp and paper industries
  • Pressure measurement in food and beverage processing applications
  • Monitoring of abrasive or viscous materials in various industrial settings


  • Accurate and reliable pressure measurement for slurries and corrosive fluids
  • Smooth, unobstructed flow with minimal turbulence and friction
  • Self-cleaning operation for reduced maintenance and extended service life
  • Quick and easy instrument replacement or calibration without process interruption



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