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Netzsch NEMO® BH Sanitary Progressing Cavity Pump
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Netzsch NEMO® BH Sanitary Progressing Cavity Pump


The NEMO® BH Sanitary Pump is employed in the food products, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical/biochemical industries for sanitary applications and optimal cleaning. The important capabilities include, the continuous, pressure-stable, gentle and low-pulsation pumping and metering in proportion to speed. The block pump construction with flanged drive is particularly compact and economical to operate.

Various different regulatory bodies have set specifications for a hygienically correct configuration of components and machines, as well as for component cleanability.  The materials used are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as well as EU-VO 1935/2004. In addition, NEMO® Hygienic and Aseptic Pumps meet the specifications of the United States’ 3-A Sanitary Standards and are GOST-R certified (a Russian certificate of conformity).


  • Continuous low-pulsation pumping unaffected by fluctuations in pressure and viscosity
  • Capacity in proportion to rotation speed with high metering precision over a broad rotational-speed range
  • High suction and pressure capability without valves
  • Reversible pumping direction
  • Stator with chamfered entrance for optimal filling of the conveying chamber
  • Gentle product handling
  • Long production cycles with contamination-proof, sterile pump construction
  • CIP and SIP capability
  • Product handling under vacuum conditions up to almost an absolute vacuum
  • Open, patented sanitary joints for sticky products
  • Elastomers approved for food products in accordance to FDA
  • Horizontal and vertical installation
  • Easy serviceability
  • Shaft seals suitable for food products with compression-proof bolted seal casing enable reversal of the direction of rotation, and so the direction of pumping, up to the maximum pump pressure
  • Streamlined, crevice-free housing model prevents product settling
  • All product-contacting surfaces are polished to prevent product build-up and facilitate cleaning
  • The pump housing and stator can be optionally heated


  • Shear-sensitive
  • Low to very high viscosity
  • Sticky or dry substances
  • Substances with or without solid content
  • Thixotropic and dilatant
  • Abrasive
  • Adhesive


  • Capacities to 620 gpm
  • Differential pressure up to 350 psi



For more than six decades, NETZSCH has developed, manufactured and marketed positive displacement pumps worldwide. Designed specifically for difficult pumping situations, NETZSCH pumps range in size from the industry’s smallest metering pumps to high volume pumps for applications in the oil and gas or mining industries.


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