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Max-Air SV Series Solenoid Valves
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Max-Air SV Series Solenoid Valves


Max-Air Technology manufacturers the SV series solenoid valves offering a complete range of options designed according to NAMUR VDI/VDE 3845, as well as non-NAMUR style valves. For NAMUR style valves, each solenoid valve is field interchangeable for use in either double acting (4-Way) or spring return (3-Way) rotary actuators and is available in single coil, dual coil, or 3-position configurations (open centers, closed centers, or centers-in-pressure). For non-NAMUR style valves, these are primarily ½” NPT and for use with our heavy duty scotch yoke actuators. 


Max-Air is a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of valve automation equipment. This includes rack & pinion actuators, scotch yoke actuators, electric actuators, solenoid valves, air controls, limit switch boxes, positioners, and manual operators.


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