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LIAG® Venturi Powder Control Valve
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LIAG® Venturi Powder Control Valve


The LIAG® Venturi Powder Control Valve is a specialized valve designed to enable smooth flow of powder through the valve, featuring a unique Y-arrangement inlet that creates ideal flow and vacuum exhaust characteristics for precise proportioning and dosing. This innovative design eliminates the need to reduce the nominal diameter, a common issue with butterfly valves, allowing for a complete full bore passage.

The Venturi Powder Control Valve can effectively substitute up to two butterfly valves, significantly improving the operating control of the unit. Its superior design ensures efficient powder handling while minimizing pressure loss, dead pockets, and product retention or sticking of solid particles.


  • Totally clear passage, eliminating pressure loss
  • No dead pockets, preventing product accumulation
  • No product retention or sticking of solid particles
  • Can be completely dismantled even when welded in place
  • Identical wearing and spare parts as arc valves
  • Available in DIN DN65 – DN 100 and Inch 1.5"– 4" sizes


  • Powder handling systems
  • Proportioning and dosing of powders
  • Replacement of butterfly valves in powder processing lines
  • Pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries


  • Smooth powder flow without pressure loss
  • Precise proportioning and dosing capabilities
  • Improved operating control compared to butterfly valves
  • Full bore passage without diameter reduction



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