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LIAG® 2 way Control Arc Valve
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LIAG® 2 way Control Arc Valve


The 2-way Control Arc Valve from LIAG® is the ideal solution for controlling sensitive media containing solid particles. Featuring a favorable flow characteristic, these valves are particularly well-suited for proportioning viscous and pasty products with precision and reliability. The valve's design ensures efficient operation while minimizing product waste and eliminating the risk of solid particles sticking or causing blockages.

LIAG® arc valves are available with various shutter qualities and linearization inserts to accommodate the specific requirements of the product being proportioned. Control is performed via a standard 4-20mA (0-10V) electrical actuator, and the control characteristic, rate of flow, or control range can be customized to meet the customer's unique needs.


  • No dead pockets, ensuring optimal hygiene and cleanability
  • CIP/SIP capability (hygienic design) for maintaining a sterile environment
  • Product-saving proportioning, minimizing waste and increasing efficiency
  • No product remainders or sticking of solid particles, preventing blockages and ensuring a consistent flow
  • Full linearization option of control characteristic for precise control
  • Minimum number of components and wearing parts, reducing maintenance requirements
  • Can be completely dismantled even when welded in place, facilitating easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Optionally available with 3-A (51-01) and FDA compliance for use in food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Available in DIN DN25 – DN 100 / SMS 25 – 102 / Inch 1"– 4" sizes to accommodate various system requirements


  • Proportioning viscous and pasty products in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries
  • Controlling the flow of sensitive media containing solid particles
  • Processes requiring precise control and minimal product waste
  • Systems with stringent hygiene and cleanability requirements


  • Capable of precisely controlling the flow of viscous and pasty products
  • Customizable control characteristics, flow rates, and control ranges to meet specific process requirements
  • Designed to minimize product waste and ensure consistent, reliable operation
  • Suitable for use in hygienic environments with CIP/SIP capabilities


On account of their favorable flow characteristic LIAG® arc valves are particularly suited for proportioning viscous and pasty products. Depending on the product to be proportioned LIAG® arc valves can be delivered with various shutter qualities and linearization inserts. Control is performed via a standard 4-20mA (0-10V) electrical actuator. The control characteristic / rate of flow or the control range can be adapted to customers requirements.


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