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John Crane Mechanical Seals - Type 5610 Cartridge Seal
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John Crane Mechanical Seals - Type 5610 Cartridge Seal


The John Crane  5600 series components are cartridge-style mechanical seals designed for use in seal chambers conforming to ANSI B73.1M, ISO 3069, and DIN 24960 standards. These robust seals provide reliable shaft sealing across various pump applications.

The versatile 5610 seals have a modular design with interchangeable components. The standard arrangements utilize an elastomer O-ring as the secondary sealing member. The common seal head and mating ring components are reversible, allowing for rotating seat or rotating head configurations. The 5610 can be enhanced with a quench gland that utilizes a lip seal (5610L) or a carbon ring throttle bushing (5610Q) to suit processing conditions.


  • Reversible seal head.
  • Interchangeable components allow custom configuration for applications.
  • Wave spring located outside product flow path to avoid clogging.
  • Two quench gland options include carbon ring throttle bushing (5610Q) and lip seal (5610L).
  • Durable construction withstands high rotational speeds and pressures.


  • ANSI and ISO standard centrifugal pumps
  • General industrial pump sealing duties
  • Water pumps
  • Petroleum pumps
  • Chemical process pumps


  • Temperature range from -20°F to 400°F/-30°C to 205°C.
  • Pressure ratings up to 300 psi(g)/21 bar(g) for sizes up to 3 inch/75mm, up to 200 psig/13 barg for sizes 3 inch/75 mm and larger.
  • Speeds up to 5000 fpm/25 m/s.
  • Size range from 1 inch to 5.5 inches/25mm to 140mm.


Crane Engineering recommends John Crane seals for many sealing applications throughout your facility. We've seen them be put to the test in harsh environments and difficult to seal applications, and succed. Their lines of single cartridge seals offer fast and easy installation for maintenance teams with little time for seal maintenance.


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