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John Crane Mechanical Seals - Type 4610 Cartridge Seal
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John Crane Mechanical Seals - Type 4610 Cartridge Seal


The 4600 Series uses proven cartridge seal technology to minimize leakage, reduce equipment downtime, and simplify maintenance. These pre-engineered seals fit major pump standards and rotate shaft applications. 

The non-clogging 4610 single cartridge seal combines affordability and dependable sealing. This innovative mechanical seal was developed to meet critical industry standards and facilitate its use in rotating shaft equipment including ANSI/DIN pumps, close-coupled pumps, and vertical pumps.  The 4620P pressurized dual cartridge seal optimizes lubrication and wear prevention for increased reliability.


  • Optimized seal face designs modeled with computer simulations.
  • Premium carbon and silicon carbide materials.  
  • Robust pin drive for positive torque transmission.   
  • Optimized performance from hydraulic balance.
  • Non-clogging wave spring. 
  • Centralizing ring replaces setting clips and prevents over-compression of seals during fitting.
  • Compact cartridge and accurate gland plate designs.
  • Axially and radially set seals.
  • Optimal flow and seal chamber venting due to large connection drilling (horizontal and vertical applications).


  • ANSI/DIN process pumps.
  • Close-couple and vertical pumps.
  • Mixers and agitators.
  • Rotating shaft equipment.


  • Temperature limits up to 400°F (205°C).  
  • Speed limits up to 3600 rpm.
  • Pressure limits up to 220 psi(g) (15 bar(g)).


Crane Engineering recommends John Crane seals for many sealing applications throughout your facility. We've seen them be put to the test in harsh environments and difficult to seal applications, and succed. Their lines of single cartridge seals offer fast and easy installation for maintenance teams with little time for seal maintenance.


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