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ITT Cam-Tite Extended Bonnet
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ITT Cam-Tite Extended Bonnet


Cam-Tite Ball Valves are available with extended bonnets, designed for high-temperature or semi-cryogenic applications. The extended bonnet configuration allows the valve to be insulated without interfering with the hand lever operation and is fully interchangeable with the standard bonnet.

By raising the stem seal further away from the process fluid, the extended bonnet reduces the effects of extreme temperatures on valve performance. The stem is well-supported to minimize the risk of galling or stem leakage. Additionally, the extended bonnet design positions the packing nut beyond the insulation, enabling stem seal adjustments to be made without disturbing the insulation layer.


  • Suitable for high-temperature or semi-cryogenic services
  • Allows valve insulation without interfering with hand lever operation
  • Interchangeable with standard bonnet for added flexibility
  • Raises stem seal away from process fluid to reduce temperature effects
  • Supported stem minimizes risk of galling or stem leakage
  • The packing nut extends beyond insulation for easy stem seal adjustment


  • High-temperature process lines requiring insulation
  • Semi-cryogenic fluid handling
  • Applications, where stem seal adjustments, may be needed without disturbing insulation


  • Compatible with Cam-Tite Ball Valve range
  • Suitable for high-temperature and semi-cryogenic conditions
  • Maintains reliable performance in demanding applications


Cam-Tite Ball Valves can be furnished with extended bonnets for higher temperature or semi-cryogenic services. The extended bonnet allows the valve to be wrapped with insulation without interfering with the hand lever and is interchangeable with the standard bonnet. This arrangement raises the stem seal further away from the flowing fluid, thereby reducing the effects of the temperature extremes. The stem is supported to minimize the possibility of galling or stem leakage. The extended bonnet permits the packing nut to extend beyond the valve
insulation, thereby permitting stem seal adjustment without disturbing the insulation.


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