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Hydro-Dyne Sand Shark Grit Removal Systems
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Hydro-Dyne Sand Shark Grit Removal Systems


Sand Shark Grit Removal Systems are designed to provide efficient and economical solutions for removing grit particles from wastewater flows. These systems are well-suited for handling variable flow rates, with standard grit trap chambers capable of processing up to 70 MGD (3,000 L/s) per unit. The Sand Shark equipment family includes the Sand Shark Grit Trap, Sand Shark Grit Classifier & Hydro-Cyclone, and Grit Pump options.

The Sand Shark Grit Trap utilizes a vortex-style system with a rotating impeller to maximize grit capture and eject light organic solids from the chamber. The Sand Shark Grit Classifier features a shafted screw flight to elevate, dewater, and dispose of grit, while the Hydro-Cyclone effectively separates grit particles without any moving parts. Various grit pump options are available to suit the specific configuration of each application.


  • Highly efficient removal of grit particles at variable flow rates
  • Standard grit trap chambers handle flows up to 70 MGD (3,000 L/s)
  • Low energy costs and minimal maintenance requirements
  • Durable and rugged all-stainless steel construction (carbon steel optional)
  • Low headloss (less than 6.5mm)
  • The vortex-style system allows continuous operation under variable flows
  • Rotating impeller maximizes grit capture in the storage hopper
  • Grit Classifier effectively dewaters and disposes of grit
  • Hydro-Cyclone has no moving parts and is designed explicitly for de-gritting wastewater


  • Municipal wastewater treatment plants
  • Industrial wastewater treatment facilities
  • Combined sewer overflow (CSO) treatment
  • Stormwater management


  • Grit trap chambers handle flows up to 70 MGD (3,000 L/s) per unit
  • Sized to trap 200-micron grit particles in the grit trap
  • Hydro-Cyclone and Grit Classifier designed to trap and process 100-micron grit particles



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