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Hydro-Dyne Dusky Shark Septage Receiving Station
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Hydro-Dyne Dusky Shark Septage Receiving Station


The Dusky Shark Septage Receiving Station, a highly efficient and reliable solution, is designed for easy installation. It efficiently screens nearly any material out of wastewater flow, including challenging septage and grease trap material. With its continuous belt design and robust construction, the Dusky Shark delivers superior performance and the lowest lifecycle cost in the industry.

Designed for optimal FOG and rag removal without operator intervention, the Dusky Shark is the best screen for septage applications. Backed by Hydro-Dyne's commitment to quality and service, with headquarters, manufacturing, parts, and support based entirely in the USA, the Dusky Shark provides unmatched protection for your wastewater treatment process.


  • Continuous belt with slotted grid design, the optimal configuration for septage applications
  • Stainless steel-laced links, perforated panels, and UHMWPE perforated panels are available.
  • Accommodates low to high flow rates with opening sizes from 1mm to 75mm
  • A patented sealing system eliminates the bypass of solids and intrusion of abrasive grit
  • Direct drive system efficiently powers the screen with little-to-no friction and long wear life
  • Highly effective spray wash provides superior grid cleaning and prevents screening carryover


  • Municipal wastewater treatment plants
  • Industrial wastewater processing facilities 
  • Septage and grease trap waste receiving stations
  • FOG (fats, oils, and grease) removal and screening


  • Proven design in hundreds of wastewater applications
  • High-volume screening reduction with low maintenance requirements 
  • Easily captures and removes FOG and rags
  • Continuous belt design eliminates jamming and removes large solids



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