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Hevvy Toyo HS Series Submersible Pump
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Hevvy Toyo HS Series Submersible Pump


The HS is a hard-wearing and versatile submersible solids handling pump featuring steep curves, advanced double mechanical seal design, high Chrome wet end parts, H-class windings; capable of handling Class 1, 2, and some Class 3 slurries and capacities up to 3000 US GPM.

A robust mechanical seal is an essential part of any successful slurry pumping formula which is why when we designed the HS pump we made sure we engineered the perfect seal to accompany it.

HS Series seals are individually protected and in tandem configuration. This means each set of springs are protected from the slurry and provides equal and real back up in the event a lower seal is compromised.

Next, we made some industry-leading advancements in the seal chamber itself. We incorporated anti-vortex oil veins, which ensure the seal remains clean and lubricated without the internal eddies and vortexes created by oil lifters. Then, we boosted the pressure venting in the seal chamber to allow for greater submergence as well as less internal pressure on the seal itself.

All this means you get the best bang for your buck while having the peace of mind that we invested our time in all the right places.


Hevvy Toyo is a leading manufacturer of slurry pumps for mining oil sands, oil and gas, dredging, power, and steel manufacturing. Hevvy Pumps are designed by in-house engineers and crafted in North America using a local workforce and know-how.


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