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Hevvy Toyo DL Series Submersible Pump
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Hevvy Toyo DL Series Submersible Pump


The Toyo DL series provides versatile dewatering pump solutions for demanding mining, dredging, and industrial applications. These heavy-duty submersible pumps handle up to 20% solids by weight.

With high chrome wear parts, integrated cooling, thermal protection, and run dry capabilities, Toyo DL slurry pumps deliver reliable performance. The patented agitator technology further enhances solids handling.


  • Handles up to 20% solids by weight
  • Hard iron impeller, wear plate, agitator
  • Chopper packages available
  • Large clearances prevent clogging
  • Built-in cooling jacket
  • Run dry and thermal protection
  • Air release valve for motor protection
  • Double mechanical shaft seals
  • Interchangeable modular components


  • Mining and mineral processing
  • Dredging operations
  • Plant drainage and cleanup
  • Sewage slurry pumping
  • Pulp and paper slurries
  • Industrial wastewater
  • Construction dewatering


  • Capacities to 2100 USGPM
  • Heads to 112 feet
  • Temperatures to 240°F
  • Solids handling to 3 inches
  • Discharge sizes to 10 inches
  • Motors from 0.75 to 100 hp


Hevvy Toyo is a leading manufacturer of slurry pumps for mining oil sands, oil and gas, dredging, power, and steel manufacturing. Hevvy Pumps are designed by in-house engineers and crafted in North America using a local workforce and know-how.


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